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Helpfull Tips, Links

Grip Size
too small too large correct You may feel comfortable with the smaller grip especialy if you played other racquet sports like racquetball or badminton. But you need a little larger grip for tennis racquets.

Smaller then normal grip may cause all sorts of injuries of wrist and elbow. On contrary the racquet with the larger then normal grip will most likely fall off your hand which will make you squeeze the grip tighter. That will put an extra tension on your arm preventing the relaxed swing.

The grip sizes for adult racquets are starting from 4" and going up to 4 3/4"(4, 4.1/8, 4.1/4, 4.3/8, 4.1/2, 4.5/8, 4.3/4). Most models will not have sizes 4 and 4.3/4, but will have other 5 sizes as the most common. You may not understand the sizes scale in some countries as they use numbers:#0=4"; #1=4.1/8; #2=4.1/4; #3=4.3/8; #4=4.1/2; #5=4.5/8; #6=4.3/4.

The Junior racquets sizes are from 3 5/8" to 4" and in some cases to 4.1/8.

There is a way to measure your grip size with ruler. Your correct grip size basicly is the distance from the tip of your ring finger to the farthest main vertical line in your hand. I would not advise to relay on the ruler in this case.

The better way to determine the correct grip is to measure it holding the racquet. Hold the racquet with one hand and slide the index finger of the other hand in between the tips of your fingers and the base of your palm. If the grip is too small - there will not be enough room for the index finger. If there is an extra room - the grip is too large. The correct grip is when the index finger fits perfectly.

Remember, you can not make the grip smaller. And do not buy the racquet with the grip too small even if it is a bargain. Building up the grip for more then 1 size will make it rounder and you will not feel the octangular grip shape.

Weight and Balance

Weight and balance are the components of each frame. The regular wooden racquets weight used to be between 13 and 14 ounces. Due to the technology it became possible to make racquets lighter than 8 and some even 7 ounces, almost for a half.

Assuming that All other parameters of the tennis racquets tested are the same:

The lighter racquet becomes more manuverable and easy to swing with, but the heavier racquet has more power.

The "head light" racquet is more manuverable.

By moving balance towards the head of a racquet we increase the "swing weight" . Though the "head heavy" racquet has more power.

In this case light and head heavy racquet could have as much power as the heavier and head light racquet. Yes, at some point it sounds true.

You will feel that it is easier to play with the light and head heavy racquet when playing the slower ball. But here is what happens when the ball comes faster. The inertia of a frame during the swing is different for head heavy and headlight frame with the same power.

During the impact with the ball the mass of the heavier handle helps supporting the position of the whole frame. Your swing is relaxed. But when the handle is light, the stress of impact is supported by your strength followed with injuries of the wrist, elbow and shoulder. Again, you do not feel it when playing the slower game, but only when the ball comes faster. Otherwise the lighter and head heavy racquets would not be made at all.


Lighter and head heavy racquets are better for the slower game as they deliver more power.

Heavier even balanced or headlight racquets are better for advanced players to have a faster game without injuries and to have more control.

Tour professionals use custom balanced and usually heavier frames.

Any frame could be made heavier and balanced the way you like with the lead tape.

Head Size

Starting from 60 square inches in wooden frames it could be as large as 145 square inches in some exotic frames.

There is a legal limit of 135 square inches for playing Official Tournaments.

Mid Size is 80-90 square inches.

Mid Plus frames are 90-105 square inches.

Oversize 105-120 square inches.

Super Oversize 120-135 square inches.

What is the "SWEET SPOT"?
It is a part of the stringing surfase arround the center of the head of a racquet. When hitting on the sweet spot the Racquet delivers the most power to the ball. There is a direct relation between the head size and a sweet spot. It could be moved up or down depending from the balance. But it definetely becomes larger when the head of the racquet becomes larger.

I am a beginner, what head size would you recommend?
You need an Oversize racquet. Most of manufacturers are making Oversize frames lighter and more comfortable for the beginners.

Are all Oversize frames only for beginners? I do not want to look like a beginner on the court.
Do not worry, Andre Agassi, Monica Seles and many other top tour players are using Oversize racquets, but they are using heavier frames with the tighter stringing tension for more control.

What is control for the tennis racquet?Does it depend from the head size?
Control consists of Spin Control and Depth Control. Do not forget that it depends on many other factors as racquet flexibility, weight, stringing tension, balance and so on.
As for the head size , It is easier to put more spin on the ball with the larger head. The depth control level becomes lower as the head size becomes larger assuming that the rest of the parameters are the same.

Why do i see a lot of professionals using smaller racquets?
Most of the professionals who use a racquet with a smaller head size have a lot of strength, a fast swing speed and also consistently hit the ball on the sweet spot. They do not need the power of an Oversize head. They care more about the depth control.

What about Super Oversize racquets?
Super Oversize frames are great for the players with the slow and compact swing who need more power, especially when the ball comes slower. It gives the ability to hit the ball over the net with the smallest affort. But it does not help the faster game.

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